• Better D3 charts with TDD

    People often begin building D3.js graphs by starting with examples and customizing them to their needs. But what's next! How do you level up your skill to architect your D3 projects effectively, mastering the art of building maintainable D3 graphs you can really be proud of?

  • Introduction to D3

    D3.js is a powerful library for working with data-driven visualizations. This talk will introduce D3, talk about the possibilities this data visualization library offers and explain a simple chart example. We will review the D3 selections and the enter-update-exit pattern.

  • React, D3 and the dataviz ecosystem

    React and D3 are two great UI tools designed for goals that sometimes collide. Conceptually, both take control of the UI elements, and they do it on different ways. How can we make them work together optimizing different features depending on your current project?