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  • D3
  • React
  • React + D3
  • Choosing an approach

What is D3.js?

  • Data-Driven Documents
  • Low level, General Purpose Visualization Library
  • Manipulates data based documents
  • Open web standards (SVG, HTML, CSS and now Canvas)
  • Allows interactions with your graphs

How does it work?

  • Loads data
  • Binds data to elements
  • Transforms those elements
  • Transitions between states

D3 Demo

Obama Budget Proposal

D3 v4 Update

  • More modular
  • API improvements
  • Breaking changes
  • Highly adopted

D3 Data Joins

Transforms the DOM by selecting elements and joining to data

Data Join

Update, Enter
and Exit Pattern


D3 Patterns and
Best Practices

Component Patterns

D3 Testing

D3 is hard

D3 Libraries

Dynamic Child Components

  • Unique 'key' to each child component rendered
  • More efficient rendering
  • Similar to D3's data joins
Reconciliation - React Docs

React Fiber

  • Renderer and Reconciler are separated
  • New reconciliating algorithm
  • From batching DOM operations, now React can...
    • Prioritize tasks
    • Split into chunks and schedule
    • Parallelize operations
A Cartoon Intro to Fiber by Lin Clark


  • Help us with the DOM
  • Love pure functions


  • D3 creates and transforms the DOM
  • React as well, and keeps track of it
  • Not meant to work together

React + D3 Approaches

D3 within React

  • React renders root svg element
  • D3 creates chart in componentDidUpdate
  • Block chart updates with shouldComponentUpdate

D3 within React


  • Works fine
  • Easiest when visualization is already implemented
  • Not idiomatic on React
  • A bit nasty

React Faux DOM

It's a way to use existing D3 tooling but render it efficiently through React with the React ethos.
D3 within React the right way

React Faux DOM


  • Use all D3 APIs
  • Good integration with already built D3
  • Server Side Rendering
  • / Need to use React Animations
  • Less performant
  • Limited to small/medium size dataviz

Lifecycle Methods Mapping

  • Lightweight React Component Wrapper
  • D3-only file with create, update and unmount methods
Integrating D3.js visualizations in a React app

Lifecycle Methods Mapping


  • Easy to integrate D3 on
  • Flexible, could encapsulate any chart

D3 for the Math,
React for the DOM

  • D3 is used for math and formats
  • React rules the DOM
React-D3 Layouts
## D3 sub-modules: Non-DOM Related * [Arrays (d3-array)]( * [Chords (d3-chord)]( * [Collections (d3-collection)]( * [Colors (d3-color)]( * [Dispatches (d3-dispatch)]( * [Easings (d3-ease)]( * [Forces (d3-force)]( * [Number Formats (d3-format)]( * [Hierarchies (d3-hierarchy)]( * [Interpolators (d3-interpolate)]( * [Paths (d3-path)]( * [Polygons (d3-polygon)]( * [Quadtrees (d3-quadtree)]( * [Queues (d3-queue)]( * [Random Numbers (d3-random)]( * [Requests (d3-request)]( * [Scales (d3-scale)]( * [Time Formats (d3-time-format)]( * [Time Intervals (d3-time)]( * [Timers (d3-timer)]( * [Voronoi Diagrams (d3-voronoi)]( Note: * there is a lot of useful code
## D3 sub-modules: DOM Related * [Selections (d3-selection)]( * [Transitions (d3-transition)]( * [Axes (d3-axis)]( * [Zooming (d3-zoom)]( * [Dragging (d3-drag)]( * [Brushes (d3-brush)]( * [Geographies (d3-geo)]( * [Shapes (d3-shape)]( Note: * This are the d3 sub-modules that have some relation with the DOM

D3 for the Math,
React for the DOM


  • Consistent with the React way
  • A lot of work upfront
  • D3 Reimplementation of certain parts
  • Limited to SVG rendering

React + D3 Libraries

Research Insights

  • Non-maintained libraries
  • Not easy to keep up with D3 and React
  • D3 v4 cleaned up the field

Linechart Code


  • Easy to get started
  • Zoom and Voronoi
  • React Native option

Linechart Code


  • Really well tested
  • Charts plus legend, tooltip and brush
  • Great docs

Linechart Code


  • react-motion animations
  • Sunburst and Sankey
  • Lack of tooltips
Demo: Code:

Choosing an approach

Choosing criteria

  • Well tested
  • D3 V4
  • Great docs
  • Long term investment?
  • Needs to be done ASAP?
  • Basic charts?
  • One-off work?
  • Highly customized?
  • Budget
  • Training


  • D3 and React can work together
  • They both move fast
  • Hard to decide!

Thanks for listening!


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